Fiction: Spy Excitement

It seems to me that being a spy agent was excitement. I dressed up like an office lady with black pantyhose but masked my face with black veil. I sneaked into a company to steal confidential document. However, I was arrested by a security guide. He held my neck tight. I can't help, I enjoyed being tortured and felt much excited under asphyxia. My body shook, nylon on face and thigh rubbed my skin. It made me totally lose control. Alright, FINISH me!

New Year New Prey

Happy New Year! I hope you catch a new nice prey in 2018. When you catch it, don't let it go.

Fiction: Just shot in time

I sneaked into a startup company in order to steal its secret business plan. I dressed up like an office lady. I wore a white shirt and a black skirt with very nice black pantyhose and heels. To hide my identity, I masked myself with a black veil.

When I almost touched the secret document, suddenly the office light turned on and a guy stood in front of me. Then I was shot in head right off. I had no chance to load my pistol at all.

Crush down this female spy! The world shows no compassion to me.

Execution Grounds

"You must kill me on Execution Grounds 一定會在刑場處決我的。" said a female assassin.

Being a female assassin tightly wearing black veil and black bodysuit in a sexy manner, she must be sentenced to death by dismemberment after she was arrested. The kind of execution included chelie (車裂; quartering the prisoner alive), zhan (斬; waist chop), and sha (殺; beheading).

Masked Assassins

Being a female assassin, she devoted her life to the lord, masked her beauty and showed shape of her body. How much do you know her through her eyes?

The female assassin was about to succeed but was eventually stabbed by an enemy. She did not manage to accept her failure and fell down. At last, her veil was unmasked and her body with black bodysuit was played to death by enemies.


Amazons are female warriors fighting in jungles. Jungle rule is dead or alive every second. If she is unmasked, she loses and will die.

Banzai charge

A banzai charge バンザイ突撃 is a kind of human wave attacks. When a female ninja who dresses up with black bodystocking and black veil receives a mission, she must go forward for the mission, even though enemies in front of her are much stronger than her. There is no point of return. Cry out BANZAI!